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I am the CEO of Clickr, a start up creating tools to enhance presentation performance. This project focusses on creating a successful business and promising enterprise. Clickr was a semi-finalist in the WEInnovate program, an accelerator for female lead start ups. 


As well as working with the team to create the Clickr business case, I was personally responsible for the design and creation of the launch site, thinking carefully about how different stakeholders would interact with the user interface.​


To create the business case for Clickr, the steps below were followed to fully validate our concept and create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

  1. Ideation and concepting

  2. Researching existing work and competitors

  3. Market analysis

  4. IP analysis

  5. Building a network of experts

  6. Creating a value proposition

  7. Building a business model

  8. Concept validation through testing and primary research

  9. Assessing and mitigating risks

  10. Prototyping

  11. Testing

  12. Building a brand

  13. Pitching for investment

The launch site for Clickr showcases the final product and can be viewed here:

The 'Partners' page of the launch site shows the process that we followed to create Clickr, and can be viewed here:


Before the launch site was built, a detailed set of wireframes were created and altered as feedback was collected from our expert panel. 

Home page wireframes.jpg
Partner page wireframes.jpg
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